The 2020 Blog Planner


The most comprehensive and valuable blog planner available, the Kara Layne & Co. Blog Planner is both a printable and digital tool filled to the brim with an organized and guided approach to all things blogging. From content planning to recording stats and analytics, you will feel more confident than ever before having everything you need to experience success in the coming year.

Now with a digital version for iPad users, the Kara Layne & Co. Blog Planner features a beautifully laid out design that keeps you organized and working efficiently. With included guides, tips and ideas throughout that will act as your own personal coach allowing you to maneuver the entire year with ease.


*This planner does NOT require customizing in order to use. You do NOT need to know Photoshop or need to customize in any way in order to purchase. Simply print all the necessary pages and dive right in!

*Must have a working knowledge of Photoshop to customize your cover page with your own logo and branding.

*Due to the digital nature of this project, no refunds are available for any reason.

*BONUS ONE: The 2020 Kara Layne & Co Blog Planner includes a '7 Steps to a Killer Content Calendar' where Kara walks you through how to put your best foot forward for the new year. It will make the daunting task of filling your content calendar for the year seem like a breeze!

*BONUS TWO: The Content Strategist is the second guide that will walk you through the top content being published and shared on Pinterest throughout the year by millions of users seasonally. This guide will give you specific content ideas to get the wheels turning in the task of planning your own fresh, new content. 

What you will find
inside the 2020 Blog Planner:

With your purchase you will receive the following:

The Kara Layne & Co. 2020 Blog Planner is back and better than ever with both a printable AND digital version.

For your paper and pen mood: The printable 2020 Blog Planner is an immediate digital download that includes 56 printable pages as well as custom planner tabs and two exclusive guides - Seven Steps to a Killer Content Calendar and The Content Strategist. Two valuable educational resources to help you up-level your content game for the new year. 

For your digital mood: The 2020 Blog Planner is now in digital form and included in this download! Created for us with Apple iPads that function with the Apple Pencil and using the GoodNotes app. The GoodNotes app is a paid app, but well worth the $8 investment! It's a KL&Co. favorite! The digital planner also includes install instructions.

The Kara Layne & Co. 2020 Blog Planner is carefully and thoughtfully designed to provide an extremely thorough approach with it comes to running a successful blog and creating solid content, from beginning to end and every step in between. 

- a branded cover page
- a title page for each section
- a monthly view of all 12 months in 2020 already set up for you including important seasonal content deadlines and guided prompts and tips
- a monthly tasks checklist to stay on top of important items
- a worksheet to help you keep and organize your ideas for future content
- a daily view that will allow you to lay out your entire post ahead of time, finalize keywords and tags as well as a checklist to complete to ensure your content is being utilized to it's fullest ability
- a page to keep tack of advertisers
- a worksheet to store the affiliate programs that you are enrolled in and the income you receive from them monthly
- a page to stay organized and on top of your collaborations
- a page to store your various accounts and logins for easy access
- a monthly worksheet to track all of your stats to give you a proper performance overview throughout the year
- a custom printable to keep random notes and ideas for when inspiration strikes
custom planner tabs that will give your planner a beautifully cohesive look and feel
- custom planner tabs to style your planner
- *New for 2020! A digital planner with everything included for iPad users

It’s design is simple yet to the point, but it also covers a lot. I am really enjoying the Content Strategist and the Seven Steps to a Killer Content Calendar. The information in there has been so helpful and In glad they are included. I have been eyeing it for awhile and debated creating something for myself. This made it much faster and easier to get things organized!


I haven't had the Blog Planner for very long but what little I've used of it, I have loved. I work as a Marketing Specialist for a few local businesses and it's helped with running multiple websites and the content that I need to put out every month. It's made my workflow a lot more organized and easier to manage.


Thank you so much for creating this amazing planner and this guide! I was hesitant to buy because I doubted whether I really needed a planner specifically for blogging, but after just glancing at the printable pages, I felt sure this was the next step I needed to take to up my blogging game. Now that I’ve downloaded it - wow, was I right. I can’t wait to get the entire planner printed and out together. And I’m excited to see how much more I’m able to accomplish this year!